Tashia’s Taste Begins

Hi! I am Tashia, people that know me intimately call me just “Tashia”! My full name is pronounced “Natasha” and I am not quite sure why my mother spelled it with an “i” in it, but hey, it makes me a little, teeny bit more unique amongst millions of Tasha’s, so I will take it.  In case you’re wondering who I am, let me just tell you a few things about me. I’m a mother of 3, a wife, an IT professional with one of the Big 4 auditing firms, an entrepreneur that just started a non-profit to aid single mothers and last but not least, AN AVID FOOD LOVER! For so many years, I have literally tried to figure out what my purpose is in life. I bought Steve Harvey’s book “How to think like a Success” and in it, it asked what you’re most passionate about and I thought to myself helping people and food. The two didn’t seem like “real” purposes to me for some reason. I thought to myself how can these things be my purpose? I didn’t realize that some of my lowest moments in life dealing with deep financial struggle, bouts of unemployment and homelessness would shape me into the independent, hard-working, driven woman that I am today. I never wanted my children to face what I did as a child and my desire to share my life’s lessons with others has been a testimony that I want to share with others. No, my life isn’t perfect but I overcame a lot in life and I hope that others that read this find some hope through my story and learn something.  One day in 2009, while in a very bad job situation, I lay in bed talking to God and asking him to reveal my true purpose and he spoke very vividly to me to start a non-profit to help single mothers. At the time, I was functioning as a single mother raising 3 children alone. I thought to myself, “Ok God, was that you? I don’t know where to start or how to run a non-profit”! I started researching non-profits and attending seminars and met an attorney at the Non Profit Leadership Center in Tampa by the name of Susan who seemed to have many of the answers I was seeking on how to form the non-profit. Susan’s organization offered pro-bono services to some non-profits which was an extra blessing. I thought “Wow, God you have provided all of the resources that I need to get incorporated with complete ease!  I then joined the Working Women of Tampa Bay and started attending socials with the founder Jessica all over the area. Each event I attended, people were offering help to me.  A nice lady approached me and said “My husband works for the United Way in Tampa and may be able to get you free office space to run the non-profit out of”. People continued to pour into the vision God gave me and after many years of living in fear, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and incorporated my non-profit which is called (“Moms On a Mission or M.O.M.) this year! Many people don’t have just one purpose in life and I am thrilled that at almost 40, to have finally found mine! I hope to empower low income single mothers through my non-profit to become more self-sufficient by seeking high paying jobs, obtaining higher educational training and skills and exploring the STEMs, particularly Technology. Through my passion for food and LOVE for fabulous things and places, Tashia’s Taste’s mission is to bring awareness, encourage and inspire people to simply try new things. People have always liked my taste in food and I love sharing yummy eats with friends and getting their feedback. As long as I can remember, I have LOVED to “taste” things and have been complimented on my tastes in general, so the name “Tashia’s Taste” was fitting.  I will admit that I don’t always look at food labels and am by no means going to deny myself certain deliciousness but as I embark on a journey to eat healthier foods, I hope to encourage others, especially people of color to join me in paying closer attention to sodium, sugar content and the ingredients of the food we eat. My ultimate hope is to encourage all people to live, think and EAT outside of the box!



8 thoughts on “Tashia’s Taste Begins

  1. Tashia this is a huge step to a great beginning. There’s nothing more than making a dream into reality. You are a great person , mom and wife. My god bless you with grace and your goals in life. Are biggest down fall in life is fear and you have overcome that. In order for anyone to be successful we have to learn failure and that comes with doing what you just did, going out there and making your life gaol a reality. Lifes about checking boxes and you just did one of many more to come. God bless and love you and your family!!!


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