Local Dives

List of my favorite dive around Tampa Bay.

  1. The Fish House. Ruskin, FL.

If you want some good fresh, fried fish, shrimp or oysters fresh out of the Gulf, visit the Fish House. If you are a southern gal like me, pair all of that up with some cheese grits, okra and sweet tea and boy you are in there! 4/5forks.

2. Riverview Fresh Market. Riverview, FL.

If you want some delicious, fresh, Spanish/Caribbean food please check this place out. It is a diamond in the ruff! They have an extensive buffet that has everything from roast pork, rotisserie chicken, oxtails, fried fish and almost any kind of Spanish rice you can imagine! It is also a grocery store that serves all types of ethnic and Latin items and some of the most beautiful produce I have ever seen! 4/5forks.